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Bee Scientifics Super Green Protein Patties 1kg

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Bee Scientifics Super Green Spirulina Protein Patties support your bees’ nutritional needs when quality natural pollen is in short supply.  Proteins, fats, and amino acids are essential for building more bees and keeping healthy brood. The patties are designed to build colonies quickly, support weak hives, and supply the extra nutrition needed for cell builders or breeder colonies.

It’s taken 5 years to perfect this recipe and now Bee Scientifics have perfected the delivery.  Bulk buckets. Simple.  Easy.  Yes!

Bee Scientifics recommend about a 1 cm thick palm size patty as close to the nurse bees as possible.  On top of the brood nest works great.  The most important thing is that you give bees only what they can eat in about 3-5 days to prevent small hive beetle activity. If you would really like patties, you can wrap them in paper yourself!  

Bee Scientifics are constantly working on maximising the quality and bioavailability of the nutrients in our feeds and use high quality ingredients produced in Australia where possible.  Our special formula is enriched and balanced in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids and contains therapeutic and attractant essential oils.  Bonus! These patties won’t dry out in the hive or go mouldy and stay pliable and accessible to the bees.

Feed every week until conditions improve, except winter.  In Winter feed fortnightly after the winter Solstice.

All of our products are hand-crafted with love in Bendigo Victoria.