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Ceracell Round Comb Full Depth Frames and Rings

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Each double decker frame consists of: 

- 1 x Pair of full depth round comb clips

- 2 x Round comb frames

- 16 x White round rings

Just add wax foundation and it is ready to go!!!


8 Frame Super = 7 Round Comb Frames

10 Frame Super = 8 Round Comb Frames

Why would you want to just purchase 1 or 2 units? Well this kit allows you to have a few round comb frames in a standard full depth box and also allows you to have standard frames as well within the full depth super meaning you can have a mix of both. But if you wish to have the full depth completely full of round combs then as above you will need 8 of these units.

The Round Comb Clip attaches 2 round comb frames together to perfectly fit in your standard full depth honey Super (deep). The full depth 10 frame box comfortably fits 8 paired up sets of Round Comb Double Decker frame sets. How does this benefit you? Well, the original round comb honey system required a larger upfront capital cost due to the custom super, but by having this clip you no longer need a custom super, metal springs etc you only need a full depth box which every beekeeper has.