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CFM Fully Automatic Uncapping Machine.

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CFM's Bestselling Fully Automatic Uncapping Machine!!!

The uncapping machine has been build to uncap both sides of the honeycomb simultaneously. All conventional frame sizes can be uncapped with this machine. You can adjust the uncapping depth from 22mm to 45mm. The stainless steel uncapping knives are mounted very flexible. They are set up so that all wax parts are taken off but frames and other hard parts are not damaged. The frame is placed in the frame holder and moved up and down by pushing a button. The frames are uncapped in a separate uncapping chamber to ensure maximum operator safety. All parts of the machine are corrosion-protected. They can easily be cleaned with water and are maintenance-free. Capacity: up to 200 frames / hour. Drive motor: 2 x 180 W / 230 V and gear motor 1 x 120 W / 230 V