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FeedEZ Pollen Patty

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Bee Scientifics FeedEZ pollen patties support your bees’ nutritional needs when quality natural pollen is in short supply.  Proteins, fats, and amino acids are essential for building more bees and keeping healthy brood. Our patties are designed to build colonies quickly, support weak hives, and supply the extra nutrition needed for cell builders or breeder colonies.

Bee Scientifics have worked hard on their patty recipe, size and delivery to make sure the bees love them and beekeepers can quickly and easily feed their bees.  The size of the patty will fit nicely on the top bars under a lid or hive mat. FeedEZ Patties are tried and tested on their own bees and we haven’t met a colony that doesn’t love them! They have done the hard yards so you don’t have to!

Bee Build FeedEZ pollen patties are 125g each and sold in 1kg packs of 8 patties or 3 kg packs of 24 patties. One patty is the perfect size for a colony to consume in 2-3 days preventing the risk of small hive beetle activity.  Feed one patty every week until conditions improve.