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Logar 100L Wax Melter with Steam Unit

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This wax melter is entirely made of stainless steel and is recommended for hobby beekeepers.

Wax cappings and comb can be melted and beeswax then flows out through the perforated bottom of the wax melter into the tube that leads into an outside container. The waste remains in the perforated basket (additional filtering may be required).

The frames are also disinfected during this process. The required time for each melting operation varies, but is approximately 30 minutes.

The wax melter consists of a stainless steel container, volume 100L, perforated basket at the bottom of the container and steam unit.

Diameter: 47 cm
Height: 72 cm
Height of the outlet: 12 cm
Steam unit power: 2200W/230V

The frames are put into the perforated basket. Approximately 3 litres of water are poured into the steam evaporator, which is then connected to the electricity supply. The steam starts blowing through the tube. The amount of water in the evaporator will suffice for approximately 50 min of use.
Additional equipment:
- Honey tank stand, diameter 47 cm, stainless steel (product 2403)