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Logar 12 Frame Automatic Program Electric Extractor - FREE SHIPPING TO NEAREST LAND TRANSPORT DEPOT LOCATION (SA, WA, NSW, QLD & VIC)

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Capacity: 12 frames with height up to 26 cm 
Drive: electric motor 110W / 230V 
The internal diameter of the barrel: 76 cm 

The 12 frame honey extractor is powered by an electric motor 110W / 230V with a safety switch which stops the motor, if the lid of the extractor is opened. Modern technology enables the innovative manufacturing of the bottom of the extractor. The bottom of the extractor is welded without any inner edges and is inclined towards the tap. Extractor has two welded stainless taps 6/4'', one is built-in at the lowest point so all the honey can drain out of the extractor.  With a positioning arm, the rotation speed from 0 to 280 rpm can be optionally chosen to the left or right. A welded stainless drainage tap is built in at the lowest point so all the honey can drain out of the extractor. All parts of a honey extractor which come in contact with honey are made of food grade materials. The lid is made of transparent acrylic. 

Automation enables the entire process of extraction independent, and the user can focus on other tasks during that time. Managing is simple using a digital two-line LCD display and a foil keyboard. Eight different programs can be set and saved. In each program, eight different times, directions and rotation speeds can be programmed. Basic extraction programs are already preset and can be changed any time, or new programs can be additionally set and saved. The extractor is silent, reliable and has a compact design

During the extraction process, frames in the extractor do not need rotation since the centrifugal force and the natural tendency of the cells ensure that both sides of a frame are being emptied at the same time. The basket is constructed so that a frame leans against the wire net during rotation. Thus, this prevents breakage of the honeycombs. 

Enables extracting honey from beehive frame with the height up to 26 cm and top bar length up to 48 cm. 

Warranty: 2 year 
Type: LTM 10SRM 

Model: 4580


- The 12V DC-230V AC, 300W (Art. 4626) converter enables the operation of the extractor with a 12V DC battery, if an electrical supply of 230V is not available. 
-By mounting rubber pads (Art. 7769) on the legs, the extractor will not slide so easily.