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Lyson Heated Stainless Steel Settler 150 Litres

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Multi purpose honey settler, de-crystalizor and bottling tank in a single device. Equipped with electronically controlled heating system. Made of stainless steel. 150 litre (205kg).


Power supply 230V
Capacity 150 L (~ 205kg )
Material stainless steel
Honey gate Stainless 2"
Valve type Flap valve
Heating power 440W
Diameter Ø600 mm
Height 860 mm
Other with heating
Diameter of the spiral Ø 500mm / 0,8mm
The diameter of the drum / The thickness of the sheet Ø600 mm / 0,8 mm
Shape of the bottom / Thickness of the sheet conical inside 0.8mm / outside 0.8mm
Handles handle from the Ø25mm rod welded to the drum
Stand W3206P in option
Warranty 2 years


Technical data:

  • capacity: 150 litres (205kg)
  • stainless steel
  • heating power: 230V / 175W
  • temperature control in the range of 30-55 ° C
  • heated and thermally insulated walls and bottom of the settler