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New Age Pet ECOFLEX Sonoma Chicken Coop

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    • Made with ECOFLEX® eco-friendly composite and NeveRust stainless steel wire
    • Easy-access side door with rust-proof hardware
    • Exceptionally durable and weather-resistant
    • Non-toxic and anti-microbial
    • 10-year warranty

      The New Age Pet® Sonoma Coop made using ecoFLEX® is the perfect all-in-one for the backyard coop.  Sized for 1, 2 or 3 hens that will produce an egg a day per hen when laying.  Separate, secure nesting box for egg laying with easy and secure outside access.  Front access doors with lock.  2 wide, flat roosting bars inside.  Doors are secured with predator resistant locks.  Front door on coop closes independently so the pen does not have to be removed to secure.

      Made from ecoFLEX, a composite blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed poplar wood fibers.  ecoFLEX based products outlast similar products made from wood by a factor of 2 or even 3 to 1.  ecoFLEX products don’t warp or splinter and can be painted or stained.  The best environment available for your hens designed with their health in mind.  Well ventilated, easy to clean with raised floors that don’t touch the ground for separation between the cold, damp ground and your pet. Pull out drawer makes changing the bedding a snap.

      Easy 20 minute – no tool – assembly.  AllProof™ resistant to damage and deterioration caused by weather and other natural causes.  Is actually waterproof so chicken urine and feces wash away with the rinse from a hose.  Easy to Clean. No maintenance other than regular cleaning required.  Will not go gray like inexpensive wood types will.  Completely Non-Toxic.

      All ecoFLEX based materials carry a limited 10 year defect and deterioration warranty.  Wire in pen is stainless steel to eliminate the rust that is common in inexpensive coops and hutches.  20 gauge ½” x ½” NeveRust™ stainless steel wire mesh keeps the critters out.