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Swarm Commander 1oz Gel

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Give Yourself The Edge With Swarm Commander Lure Gel


  • 2oz volume
  • Non-harmful for bees and other wildlife
  • Longer lasting than spray (reapply every 2-3 weeks)


Use our Swarm Commander Lure Gel to attract honeybee swarms and establish new colonies in your unoccupied hives. Each bottle contains 1oz of Swarm Commander Premium Lure, a  pheromone specially created to attract passing swarms of feral honeybees. These swarms will be lured into your hive, giving you an opportunity to establish new bee colonies with a minimum of effort. The pheromone gel is totally safe for bees, and lasts up to a 3 weeks per application (this may be reduced in very hot and dry conditions). Considering the cost of a nucleus or package of bees, a single bottle of this gel containing 50 to 60 doses more than pays for itself.

In addition to this lure gel, we sell Swarm Commander lures in spray bottles and as custom hanging super lures.