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Lyson 4 Frame Tangential Manual Honey Extractor

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This Lyson 4-frame honey extractor is from the BASIC series of Lyson honey extractors, offering the perfect balance between economy and quality.

This version is equipped with a manual drive with a brake. The honey extractor is quiet while working, and the drive is very easy to set in motion and stop if necessary.

The small scale of the device makes it easy to move around to store.

All tangential honey extractors, regardless of the manufacturer, require rotating the frames to spin the honey on both sides of the frame. Tangential and cassette extractors protect the frames from damage, and are suitable for spinning most honey varieties.

The bottom has been profiled to force the honey to flow down quickly to the drain valve. As a result, honey extraction and washing of honey extractors is simple.

All elements of honey extractors in contact with honey are made of food grade materials.

Advantages of the W2026BB honey extractor:

– it holds 4 full depth Langstroth frames

– light and handy (the diameter of the drum measures only 50 cm)

– easy to use

– manual drive with brake

– quiet

– transparent, secure cover

– funnel-shaped bottom

– legs and horizontal bar reinforced powder coated

– meets sanitary and hygienic requirements

– the construction of the basket protects the frames from breakage

– a set of tools necessary for assembly included

– spare parts are easily accessible, e.g. valves, hinges

– affordable and good quality

– made in Poland

 The drum – has a diameter of 500 mm and is made of 304 acid-resistant stainless steel.

Honey extractor basket – made of stainless, acid-resistant rods, arranged in a way that protects the frames against breaking slices during spinning. Mesh size 25×70 mm.

A manual drive – with a brake mounted on the top beam of the honey extractor allows you to work in conditions where there is no access to electricity.

Valve – plastic 6/4 “.

Cover , made of meta-plexiglass, making it possible to observe the spinning process without the necessity to open the honey extractor and risk contact with the rotating basket.

The beam and legs – powder coated, which increases the resistance of the coating.


Made in Poland